Hi, I'm Emma!

With over 24 years of experience, I began my career in 2000 after graduating with a BSc Sports Science degree.
I have enjoyed the experience of working with such a variety of populations, for a variety of reasons, in a multitude of different settings - from cardiac rehabilitation, falls rehabilitation, GP referral exercise, sport specific gym individuals, mixed ability exercise classes, 1-1 personal training, in gyms, clinical and studio settings. However, Pilates was a discipline I kept applying to each individual with profound results.

The creation of Caldwell Pilates allows this rural community to enjoy Pilates in a selection of accessible locations here in Herefordshire.

I bring the exclusivity of classic and bespoke Pilates to my teaching.
I ensure my students experience safe and effective Pilates instruction with clear demonstration, hands on correction, and cueing, so they learn to master the art of breathing, body position and mindset.

I teach to a mixed ability, should you be a beginner, in rehabilitation, or advanced, I ensure every single client is provided for with their own unique level of Pilates. I passionately plan my sessions with original, interesting, and functional content to keep clients motivated and enjoying their experience. I am a self confessed Pilates nerd who is continuously learning so that I can be the very best version of a Pilates teacher.

I am hugely humbled by this inviting, kind, inclusive and safe community - we create a wonderful environment to move on the mat.

Pilates - What is it?

I like to say you should think of it as the best biomechanical movement exercise you can give your body, mind and spirit.

Mat Pilates is a method of exercise performed standing, sitting and on the mat. It consists of low impact muscular strength, endurance and flexibilty movement. Pilates emphasises correct postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance.
Pilates embraces the six original principles; Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, Flow, and Centring.
We apply these principles in the practice of Pilates. Pilates is a superb balanced programme embracing the discipline of strength, flexibility, balance, and co-ordination.

Pilates is the namesake of Joseph Pilates who engineered the exercise system to bridge the gap between mind, body and beyond. His goal was to create an exercise system that enhances everyday life, rehabilitation, and healthy functional movement. Pilates encompasses the art and science of human movement. It is very diverse and adaptable, suitable for all, and offers a vast range of exercises suitable for those with restricted mobility, to even the most elite athletes. Pilates is proven to be beneficial for both men and women, and is engrossing for those that practice to appreciate the body, breath, and mind connection. Pilates is for anyone that wants to reach their true physical potential, and to function at an optimal, pain-free level. It can be ideal for people that simply want to find balance in their lives, no matter their lifestyle choices - truly, Pilates is for anyone.

Everyone I teach has their own personal reasons for choosing Pilates, whether it is for; fitness, rehabilitation, pre/post-natal, sport specific, stress management, posture improvement, increasing flexibility, proprioception, strength, or enhancing active daily living.
The results speak for themselves, both your mind and body will embrace the benefits.

Benefits of Pilates

Increase core strength.
Back health management.
Improve posture.
Support joint & soft tissue health.
Injury prevention / rehabilitation.
Improve balance.
Increase muscle tone.
Increase mobility.
Increase muscle strength.
Improve respiratory health.
Increase body confidence.
Increase flexibility.
Support relaxation & stress management.
Mental well-being.
Mindful positive thinking.
Reset, recharge & ground yourself.