Franklin Method

The Franklin Method - evidence based, practiced for over 30 years worldwide - exclusive to you here in Herefordshire.

The Franklin Method is at the forefront of practical neuroplasticity, showing that the lives we live shape the brain we develop. How we use our brain can empower how we use our body.
The Franklin Method begins with the knowledge that we have the power to change.

Franklin Method integrates unique tools including imagery, positive mindset, anatomy and movement in a profound intuitive approach to enable you to learn and understand the human body. Understanding the function of your body equips you in a profound capacity to integrate these tools within your everyday life.
This is the most exciting pedagogy I bring to my clients and the most rewarding part of my toolbox as a movement teacher.
It compliments every movement class or 1-1. In fact, it has revolutionised my life, my body, and my mind. I am beyond excited to add this incredible knowledge to my teaching.

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Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery.
Using the ingenious approach of imagery Franklin Method can be used to help you:
- Move better
- Understand the function of your body
- Prevent injuries
- Improve performance
- Improve strength
- Improve mobility
-Improve proprioception
- Improve flexibility

Adding state of the art biomechanics, exclusive Franklin Method exercises and the use of what I name my “Massage Therapist” (the Franklin Method Balls) to create bespoke and unique Pilates.

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I now confidently teach clients using imagery and anatomical models and diagrams. We explore the body including; face, jaw, neck, shoulders, spine, pelvis, pelvic floor, core musculature, back musculature, thoracolumbar fascia, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and the myofascial slings of the body.
We embody how we move. We create an understanding of our body to give us confidence in class and life to create a harmonious body to reside within.

This is truly so enlightening. I feel Franklin Method has transformed my delivery of Pilates & all styles of teaching. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

I am hugely humbled by this incredible method and I am proud to share that I am a:

- Level 1 Franklin Method Educator
- Level 2 Franklin Method Educator
- Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer
- Lower Back Fascia Trainer

The essence of a good teacher of any body movement class - Pilates, Yoga, Toning Classes etc. - is to firstly explain why we are doing certain moves i.e. using which part or matter of our bodies to what effect, and secondly to correct our posture to protect us - Emma practices both elements in abundance. Emma is just the best, enthusiastic, incredibly body knowledgable, encouraging, precise and fun.. Understanding how our bodies work is the key to good practice & subsequently to good posture & movement in our daily lives. The connective tissue around our skeletal structure, the tendons, the ligaments, the muscles, the fascia, are so complex I find it all so fascinating & a glimpse into our body's structure & make up through Emma's eyes with her learning & subsequenty teaching us, is truly fascinating when we apply all that to our own individual bodies & movement... Emma's classes are wonderful & I have learnt so much for the good of my physicality - thank you so much Emma - I totally love your classes! Judy Williams