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What is Nourished.You?

A collaboration of two highly experienced Herefordshire-based female entrepreneurs with a combined 40 years of professional expertise in exercise & nutrition.

Introducing myself & Natalie Rouse.

Welcoming all women of Herefordshire to the opportunity of experiencing a Nourished You.

Small group exercise & nutrition classes

We have designed bespoke small group classes in a safe, inclusive environment. We know being in an open green space is so beneficial for our well-being so we want you to move freely in green space, drink in the fresh air, enjoy, energise and give you time to embrace.
Bringing you the choice to be indoors or outside surrounded by enchanting woodland. Time to immerse yourself in "you time" - talk, share, encourage, listen, learn and dedicate time to your health.

This is all part of the experience at Nourished.You.

It is time for women to feel their best- aligning exercise with nutrition. It is time to demystify the myths surrounding strength training, nutrition, menopause and the pelvic floor.

It is time to feel empowered.

With a noticeable admittance from some women not adding enough strength training consistently to their regime we want to change this as we know science informs us a stronger body transcends to a stronger mind & healthier body.

Strength training does not have to be hours in a gym on machines. We can adapt this to using free weights, therabands, own body weight & create an easily accessible great workout on a mat with minimal space required.


  • - Supports your hormone journey through life - whatever your age
  • - Contributes to an improved metabolism - supports fat loss
  • - Aesthetically improve your body shape
  • - Supports bone density, help prevent or manage osteopenia & osteoporosis
  • - Reduced risk of heart disease & diabetes
  • - Compliments your endurance & other movement
  • - Reduced risk of injury - as you strengthen soft connecting tissue you support your joints
  • - Juicy joints equals improved mobility

More women are now openly talking about hormones, the effect on mood, body shape, brain fog, self image, and mental health.
We want you to feel your best in every decade of your life.

Key Information

We value our clients wellbeing & decided to create the ultimate small group exercise classes.
45 minute duration sessions.
Outside or inside if weather threatens.
Female Strength meets Pilates, the Franklin Method and the pelvic floor.
At an easy to access location between Leominster & Hereford. Just off the A49 at HR1.
It is essential that you enquire for details prior to booking to check availability.

You can find options and more info on booking here.

Women's Wellness Retreat

An entire day for you.
Intimate & bespoke here in Herefordshire.
June 8th 2024

"I was so excited, I didn't know what to expect. It was goregous, in beautiful surroundings... I am relaxed & energised"

Here in Herefordshire - a day of indulgence, time to find some inner stillness with an eclectic mix of therapies, movement, delicious food & a tranquil atmosphere. Hosted at the beautiful Orchard at Munsley, surrounded by green space in bespoke tipis.

Ladies, we warmly invite you to join us for a restorative day.

A huge welcome to all of the following incredible Herefordshire based companies who are so kindly with us, evolving to bring you this Women's Wellness Retreat.

We are pleased to bring you Kate will be delivering the hugely popular Sound Baths.

@inge_holistic Holistic Therapist - so excited they're joining us.'s talk on the homeopathic Dr. Bach Flower Essences, Q&A to prescribe & make your own tincture.

Combining face yoga & yoga with Sophie Atkinson.

@no28interiors - Louise; a bespoke interior designer, expect boutique shopping as the clothes & homeware are divine!

@olive_and_rose_events catering - providing a sumptuous lunch & afternoon tea.

@nutritionally_relentless - Of course, the undeniably hugely intelligent Natalie. Presenting you evidence based nutrition talks & your chance to ask questions.

@feelingpeachieuk - a brand new company, they have created tasty nutrient dense topping to support women.

Pilates - delivered by myself. I will be teaching you Pilates augented with The Franklin Method.

The talented
All of these amazing companies, and a goodie bag including gifts from @flikkah_, @graceandkin & @theflowergalleryleo

"Thank you for a very inspiring & informative day - just the right pace & with cake - a true balance …absolutely idyllic."

Retreat Tickets
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This is an intimate event with limited spaces

** Early bird offer NOW LIVE £235 **
Discount code “nourish”
Valid until Saturday 25/11/23 7pm.