Summer Retreat
June 8th 2024
A Women's Wellness Indulgent Day.

We have hosted various events in 2023.
This year, in 2024 - we are hosting our second Retreat - check out the details on the Nourished.You page.
There you can book your ticket to attend an indulgent day.

Summer Retreat ‘23

Natalie Rouse & I hosted our very first ever intimate Retreat Day. Set with the backdrop of Stockton Bury Gardens on a glorious sunny day .

What a day to join a sisterhood.

A Women’s Wellness Event.

We invited some incredibly talented female entrepreneurs from Herefordshire & augmented a divine day of restorative being, enjoying & relaxing.



A super talk by the talented Tamsin Westhorpe on all things gardening.
Nutritional talks specific to females - including gut health, starting the day with the best breakfast choices, protein for women & much more.
We explored the enchanting gardens.
Alfresco lunch prepared by the amazing cafe at the gardens.
Mastered the art of soy candle making.
Immersed in the art of skincare, natural makeup & beach wave hair styling.
Gifted everyone a Goodie Bag.


“A beautiful day …I would have paid for the morning alone - the entire day was perfect - thank you a perfect pace of a day …”

“The Nourished You retreat was a wonderful, informative, motivational day, in very relaxing setting. I left feeling happy, refreshed & yet motivated to live a more healthy lifestyle. Emma & Nat created a happy vibe, loved every minute x”

The Pelvis Workshop

We hosted an in-depth workshop to such an enthusiastic group of women. A chance to really embody the facts.

We covered select topics, including:
    • - Pelvic bone rhythms
      - The fundamentals why we have a pelvis
      - Emodied all 5 layers of the Pelvic floor
      - We used Franklin Method balls to modulate & exercise the urogential triangle safely & effectively
      - The why the zip n lift exercise just isn't the answer to a healthy pelvic floor
      - How posture & breath can effect pelvic floor
      - Gut health & vaginal microbiome
      - Facial fascial neuro rich connections to pelvic floor
      - We carefully choose safe relevant information including nutrional knowhow for you women to input in to your life to maintain optimal pelvic health

  • "...can I just say a big thank you to you and Natalie for the pelvic workshop. It was amazing, interesting, informative. It flew by. So much information to absorb. You were both fantastic full of passion and enthusiasm. You delivered it brilliantly, informal and relaxed. That was my first time meeting Natalie and what a breath of fresh air she is. I loved that we could ask questions/clarification throughout and that you deliveried it so everyone understood, there wasn't the jargon that can be used sometimes. (If you know what I mean)”

    "I thought your talk was excellent, succinct and comprehensive.. I did enjoy it very much... I love Nats energy and enthusiasm both your teachings are both revolutionary and fascinating... I do enjoy learning about the cutting edge of Pilates movement and nutrition and feel very priviledged."

    "Emma, thank you so much for the wonderful pelvic workshop you and Nat ran on Saturday. It was brilliant - the time flew by - I found it so informativee, fascinating, empowering and all delivered by you both with an infectious passion and enthusiasm with easy to understand terminology. I feel so lucky to have you as my Pilates teacher, always advancing your knowledge and teaching practice, which you generously share. Nat matches your passion and energy but for nutrition with easy go-to ideas, and I really hope I can continue my learning and understanding of how best to look after my body with you both. I hope Nourish.You continues to develop and grow. Many thanks!"

    The Shoulder Workshop

    I hosted a workshop on creating juicy shoulder health.

    With a noticeable amount of my client base reporting “glitchy” shoulder mobility & discomfort I really knew a Pilates class alone was not going to deliver the intrinsic benefits. So I created a bespoke session.

    -An introduction / refresher to the intrinsic shoulder bones & joints.
    -A summary of the essentially speaking rotator cuff muscles.
    -This was integral for everyone to better understand and ultimately to enable better movement.
    -The session introduced Joint Mobility- CARS - controlled articulation rotations.
    -The WHY add CARS
    -Easy to input remedial safe isometric exercises.
    -Muscle Energy Techniques. -Pilates exercises.
    -Remedial exercises.
    -Neck MET’s.
    -Neck CAR’s
    -Restorative mini ball work & Franklin Method ball work on the mat.
    -Theraband strengthening exercises.
    -A takeaway video of exercises.

    main image
    Pilates warm-up for gardening!

    In 2021 I was fortunate enough to connect with gardening expert and blogger, Tamsin Westhorpe. We spent some time discussing the many benefits that Pilates can bring you and how to tailor your exercise routine specifcally to prevent injuries during gardening.

    If you are a gardener, head over to Tamsin's blog to check out the full routine!

    Click here to visit Tamsin's blog...